How to Find the Perfect Beauty Look

It's pretty much impossible to log onto social media without being bombarded with a plethora crazy, beautiful and intricate beauty trends.  From full-face contouring that could be mistaken for camouflage to sunset hair that makes me want to be on the beach in Hawaii--  ladies all over the world are killing the game and I have some serious beauty envy.  Makeup and hair have truly become an art form.  But how is a busy girl supposed to keep up?

I have found that is both more practical and less stressful to find a tried and true beauty routine that delivers fabulous results every single time.  However, it can be overwhelming to sift through all of the trends, especially if you are a novice.  Here are some tips that have helped me to find what works best for me when it comes to my daily beauty routine:

Consider Your Priorities

It's important to be realistic with yourself before you spend money on a makeup routine or a new haircut/color.  Are you ready to get up thirty minutes earlier to apply a full highlight to your face every morning?  How often are you willing to visit a salon to get that unnatural color touched up?  If you're a low maintenance, not-morning-person like me, you might want to ask yourself these questions and really consider what it is that you value (which in my case is sleep. Every. Single. Time.)

Research, Research, Research

Even though the Internet can give a little too much information sometimes, it is a great starting point for learning about what makeup and hair will look best on you.  Don't know your face shape? There's a chart for that.  Not sure what shade of red lipstick will look best with your skin tone? There's a chart for that, too!  There are tons of bloggers and beauty enthusiasts who have already done the research, which is super convenient.

When it comes to hair color and styles, it is beneficial to research and find a hairstylist in your area.  Bargain hunting is not always the way to go, especially if you want quality work done by a knowledgeable person.  Hairstylists are not created equal; they all have different training and specializations that they bring to the table.  You should take that into consideration when you are choosing one, especially if you are wanting a drastic change or have particularly "difficult" hair. 

Talk to a Professional

Asking for help is not always easy and can be very intimidating.  But, there are thousands of wonderful men and women working at beauty counters all who are truly passionate about helping others with their specific makeup needs.  I was completely clueless when it came to face makeup, so I went to Ulta.  They suggested a makeup that is great for my skin type and matches my skin tone perfectly (yay for no longer having to guess in the makeup aisle of CVS!)  Professionals can also help you choose makeup based on your budget and maintenance level.

In addition, professionals are often better at teaching application techniques than a Youtube video or Pinterest tutorial.  If you're a hands on kind of gal, learning from a professional might be a good option for you.