Hair Trends That Work in the Office

Working in the corporate world means keeping a professional appearance.  This can be especially disheartening when so many women are rocking unnatural hair colors and funky cuts right now.  But, I've learned that professional does not equal boring.  There are plenty of natural color techniques and hair cuts that are both fun and professional.  Here are a few of the trends that you can get away with in the office: 

Balayage Highlights

Photo retrieved from  Chrissy Rasmussen  via Instagram

Photo retrieved from Chrissy Rasmussen via Instagram

Balayage is a hair painting technique that has been been around for decades.  This color style gives hair a lived-in look that is absolutely beautiful.  It's easier to maintain than traditional highlights, and looks much more natural.  Balayage works for every length, and can be as dramatic or subtle as you want.

Nape Undercut

Photo retrieved from  Eslamoda

Photo retrieved from Eslamoda

Undercuts are a big commitment, but they're the perfect way to add a little bad-assery to your otherwise "professional" hairstyle.  Undercuts can be dyed funky colors or decorated with designs.  And the best part?  None of your co-workers or clients will ever suspect it.  An undercut can be covered up during the work week, but looks awesome with a top knot or messy bun on the weekends.

Lob Haircut

Photo retrieved from  Marie Claire

Photo retrieved from Marie Claire

Lobs (long bobs) have been in style for about two years now.  This is the perfect cut for someone who wants a change but is afraid of commitment.  Textured lobs are edgy and flirty without being distracting (and they look awesome with balayage, too).  This versatile haircut works for all kinds of textures and can be a fun way to change up your same old look!