March 2016 Favorites

March is a crazy month for so many reasons.  After spring break, school starts ramping up; I can't even find the time to make myself a sandwich, much less think up outfits to wear.  And, on top of that, the weather just cannot make up its mind! It's freezing in the morning, but by the mid-afternoon, you see classmates sweating while walking across campus.  This month has been all about comfort and versatility.  Here are a few of the fashion and beauty trends I am loving right now:

Nude Nails

Photo retrieved from  Net-A-Porter

Photo retrieved from Net-A-Porter

Nude nails never go out of style.  This neutral color comes in numerous shades and works with every skin tone (just make sure to find a polish that matches your undertones).  It's perfect for the unpredictable weather, because it pairs well with any color or style of clothing.  Nude nails look clean, feminine and classic, which is a welcome change from the dark colors I sported all winter.  In the spring, mix and match your nude polish with neon colors for a brighter look.

1. Fair Skin 2. Olive Skin 3. Beige Skin 4. Deep Skin

Structured Crop Tops

Photo retrieved from  Forever21

Photo retrieved from Forever21

Not all crop tops have to look like a t-shirt or a glorified bra (seriously, is anyone actually going to wear that on a regular basis? I'm not convinced).  Structured crop tops are usually longer and are appropriate for other occasions besides BBQs and music festivals.  They can be paired with high-waisted jeans or a midi-skirt to create a more pulled-together/ conservative look, while still feeling easy breezy. 

1. Bohemian 2. Business-casual 3. Feminine 4. Basic

Messy Buns

Photo retrieved from  Hairstyles Weekly

Photo retrieved from Hairstyles Weekly

Messy buns have always been a go to for me, especially during the busy seasons of my life.  This easy hairstyle saves time that can be spent picking out your outfit (or getting 20 extra minutes of sleep, let's be real here).  Even though the word "messy" is in the name, if done correctly it can still be an appropriate hairstyle for more formal occasions.  No matter how long your hair is, you can still learn to achieve this effortless look:

1. Short 2. Medium 3. Long